Origin: UK. Age: 2 Years

This gorgeous youngster is Rufus who is 2 year old next month.
He is a very sweet boy who sadly suffers with separation anxiety. His owners have had to make the sad decision to rehome him because they are emigrating and know that it is unfair to put Rufus through the stress of the long flight.

He cries, paces and has destroyed things in the home when left alone for even short periods of time. However he is happy sleeping in the kitchen for 8 hours when he knows his family are in the house. The family have tried many methods to cure his SA but none have worked.

He is a very loving boy with a very good recall and good basic training. He is well socialised and very friendly towards other dogs and will happily play with them, his favourite game is when they chase him 😊he also loves playing with his ball, swimming and his long walks.

Rufus has lived with children from a few weeks old up to 4 years and has been fantastic with them.
Rufus travels very well, is vaccinated, has had flea and worming treatments recently. He is very interested in cats and will chase. He has met livestock and again is interested but has been kept on lead when near them.

Rufus has had part of his tail removed by the vet, after it was damaged and wouldn’t heal. On the advice of the vet because he can be timid he hasn’t been neutered, but has been chemically castrated.

We will be looking for a home for Rufus where he can have a very active home, with ongoing training and human contact constantly, we think he might like the company of a female companion to help give him confidence and lots of playtime. 💕

Rufus is currently in the Colchester area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Rehoming Contract. 💜
If you feel that you can give this boy the company that he loves please contact us.
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